MOS-AV Surtitle System – Drina Series

MOS-AV Surtitle/Supertitle System ensures that audiences can understand not just the “gist” of
what’s taking place on stage, but also the dramatic nuances. Looking back over the last 30 years,
the invention of surtitles has unquestionably had a major impact on audiences. Discreetly managed surtitles increase the accessibility of the art form, allowing the audience to understand dramatic nuances in subtle and complex operas, while providing only minimal disruption to patrons who do not feel that they need the assistance. Since its invention, the Surtitle Systems made an extremely positive impact on the opera audience development.

The Surtitle Systems have had major impact in making the operatic art form more accessible and
comprehensible. Surtitles represent text translations of an opera corresponding to what is currently being sung on stage. Our sophisticated system provides the translation in several languages so that the audience can read the surtitles in their preferred language.

MOS-AV has developed a system that is highly intuitive, with software that is easy to use, thus
enabling the technical staff simple and smooth play production. The software can also be used on
Android devices, controlling the Surtitle LED monitors via an application which provides flexibility in the opera management and production.


Aditional informations

  • Single & dual Line RG/dual color dot matrix
  • Led Lifetime: 100.000 h
  • Horizontal Viewing Angle:160º(80º off center)
  • Vertical Viewing Angle:160º (+80/-80º off center)
  • High quality black aluminium frame
  • Power supply: 220V
  • Standard interface: Ethernet 10/100 Mbps Easy
  • Easy mounting on two points
  • Robust Neutrik ethercon
  • Intuitive software for easy controlling
  • Power point files integration supported
  • Lap Top + Tablet with all necessary software

Supplied cables and accessories

  • CAT 6e Network Cable (flexible) STP, 100 m
  • Robust flight case for easy transport or storage
  • Spare parts


  • Wireless Ethernet Wi-Fi 802.11g 54Mbps
  • Tablet Android integration


As a manufacturer of various types of Audio Visual equipment, we engineer different sizes of
surtitle screens, according to customer needs. Our experienced programmers customize software
interface to fit your requirements.

We listen to the market, learn every day and thrive to stay on the cutting edge by constantly following new technologies and methodologies in order to satisfy our clients’ needs.