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Solar Plants

MOS-AV is company that makes renewable energy solutions. We are specialized in solar power plants. Our licensed engineers and skilled technicians are guarantee for making high quality projects and on time. MOS-AV is a reliable partner that will meet the needs of investors , from making the initial feasibility study to the development of a complete infrastructure and installation of equipment. All that is available as a "turnkey" solution. Our engineers are licensed in the design of power plants, long experience has shown that accurate and analytical approach each project individually

Our offer for solar power, and any power type
connections include:

Preparation of project documentation:

- Design and economic analysis of investment profitability,
- Technical design with detailed and reliable analysis,
- Measuring the impact of the topology of the field in isolation,
- Construction project (if the facility is being built).

Procurement of modern equipment known and reputable manufacturers
that meets the latest European standards of reliability and quality:

- Solar panels,
- Inverters and transformers,
- Mounting accessories, cables and wires,
- Junction boxes and fuse elements

Plant construction, testing and commissioning.

In the field of solar investment, we offer our clients a complete service in the analysis of future investments, finding a reliable, high-tech equipment, solar panels trusted manufacturers, high efficiency and high preservation properties during service, which meet the highest standards in the field of solar module, TUV, CE, IEC , UL, DVE, PV CYCLE.

We install the most reliable solar inverters high efficiency and low noise, so that the client does not have a problem with the satisfaction of the conditions of the local power grid to the smooth distribution of electricity. Guarantee the quality of our inverters give you the biggest producers in the world, providing high reliability and low dissipation, so that the implemented modern MPPT algorithms, each solar power plant provide the highest possible conversion of solar energy into electricity.

Mounting equipment is certified for solar plants, with the most stringent standards on corrosion, hardness, and weight, which allows us to install photovoltaic panels on all places, exposed to all weather conditions. In addition, let us mention that we use standardized cables for PV installations and fuses that provide secure and reliable transmission of DC and AC current in a long time. So, everything is subordinate to superior quality, system reliability and maximum efficiency of photovoltaic systems of any power.

All our customers can get different kinds of services ranging from the economic study that could see profitability on investment, payback time, through detailed technical documentation made by European standards for PV systems and the installation and commissioning of the plant. Design and install grid-tie and off-grid systems.

Grid-tie (or on-grid) are those that are connected to the network and to ensure participation in the production of electricity to sell power. Acquiring the status of privileged producer each investor receives a secure market in the agreed period, so that the investment in on-grid solar systems today really pays off. We provide our customers with reliable technical project documentation to apply for a building permit, and then for the status of privileged producer.


For off-grid systems we offer a wide range of services, especially for cottages, marine structures, weather stations, wherever there is a need to independently reliable electric supply or facility is unable to connect to the network. For those locations PV modules are the ideal solution. This results in a reliable supply of electricity to the desired autonomy of the system and desired characteristics. We meet all customer requirements, from consulting to full installation, so that we can offer different solutions according to customer needs. We emphasize solutions to cottage resorts, bungalows on the mountain and the sea, a lake or sports centers. This is a quick and inexpensive way of getting free energy. Without any difficulties the laborious administration, paperwork and construction work can be avoided. Quite often that may be far more expensive than the entire solar system. If you still want hot water, reliable electricity supply to all devices in their cottages this is the perfect solution.

Our reference is a project of making a solar plant of 250 kWp Blace, Serbia related to the electric power grid. We had professional help with web site where detailed information on photovoltaic systems and renewable energy can be found.